A Safe Workplace is a Healthier Workplace: Recognizing Occupational Safety and Health Week 2015

Occupational Health

This week is Occupational Safety and Health Week, the time of year when thousands of Michiganders and Americans across the country join together to raise awareness about the importance of preventing injuries and illness at work.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 85 percent of workers rank workplace safety first in importance among labor standards, even ahead of maternity leave, minimum wage and paid sick time. Workplace safety is a concern in every working environment, not just in high risk professions. Some of the most common safety concerns in an the workplace include:

  • Poor lighting
    • According to a Harvard health study, straining your eyes in dim light will tire your eyes more quickly, which leads to fatigue and reduced productivity
  • Lack of protective elements such as guardrails and handrails
    • Though they may not seem necessary in an office environment, guardrails and handrails help prevent injury and protect employees from potentially dangerous equipment
  • Unclear safety procedures
    • Make sure your employees understand emergency protocol for safely exiting or moving to a safer part of the building during a disaster or a threatening workplace situation
  • Misused or poorly maintained equipment
    • Outdated equipment can break down or malfunction, causing injury in some cases

Don’t let cost be a deterrent in making necessary updates for a safer work environment. The cost of preventing work-related injuries is far less than the cost of fixing them. Safe work conditions reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and create a happier, healthier environment.

This week is an excellent opportunity to reinforce and educate employees and employers on the importance of health and safety in the work place. Participation in NAOSH Week has been shown to improve attitudes towards safety, increase cooperation and raise awareness about occupational health and safety.

Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health is a proud supporter of NAOSH Week. For more information about occupational health and safety, contact us, or stop by one of our nine occupational health clinic locations.

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