An All-Treat and No-Trick Halloween

An All-Treat and No-Trick Halloween

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Halloween is upon us, and that means princesses, minions, ninja turtles, and superheroes will be roaming the streets on the hunt for one thing, sweet treats. Trick-or-Treating is a right of passage and easily the most exciting part of Halloween, but lurking dangers threaten safety.

On Halloween night, kids run from house to house and pay less attention than usual. A bone chilling fact: Kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Trick-or-Treat night than any other night of the year ( It’s also been found that twice as many children pedestrians are killed while walking on Halloween compared to other days of the year ( keep children safe, parents should set a few rules each year about Halloween safety. Some key points to discuss with your children should include utilizing sidewalks or paths and using traffic signals. Other precautions that should be taken include taping reflective tape to your kids and walking with any child under the age of 12.

The days following Halloween are sure to be filled with bragging rights at school for many children – who got the most candy, the best candy or that full-sized chocolate bar. But don’t let the Halloween fun turn into the runs. Too much refined sugar and chocolate can cause stomach upset and even diarrhea in children. Sugar-free candy is not exempt either. Sorbitol, an ingredient in sugar-free candy, can be the cause for unwanted gastrointestinal side effects as well.

Prevention is the best medicine. As much as possible, limit the amount of candy eaten at one time as well as throughout the day. If your child has over-indulged and is experiencing a stomachache, encourage your child to stay away from their Halloween stash until they are feeling better. The same is true if your child is experiencing diarrhea. Children should drink clear liquids and eat a bland diet until 24 hours after the diarrhea has resolved. Clear liquids will keep your child hydrated and the bland diet will calm the inflammation in their gut.

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