Happy Fourth from Michigan Urgent Care!

The staff at Michigan Urgent Care is dedicated to your health and well-being. Fourth of July celebrations can be a fun way to relax, unwind, and enjoy the company of friends and family, but they can also lead to a spike in holiday-related injuries and illnesses. By taking some basic precautions, you can enjoy your long weekend without any unplanned urgent care visits. Here’s how:

Practice Firework Safety

Many of us love the use of nighttime fireworks, whether it’s your local community show or setting off some of your own. In 2017, Americans spent $900 million on fireworks – and those led to 12,700 reported injuries and 8 deaths. Men are more likely to experience injuries from fireworks – comprising 70% — but as are children, which made up 36% of all reported accounts.  The most commonly reported fireworks injuries are trauma from flying shrapnel and burns. The so-called “safe” forms of fireworks – bottle rockets, firecrackers, and sparklers – are the most likely to lead to injury.

Minimize your family’s risk of injury by observing some basic safety rules.

  • Never let children handle fireworks. Even though some parents may think that sparklers are safe for children, they can reach temperatures of 1800 degrees and are a leading cause of burns in young kids. Your sweetie holding a sparkler may seem like an adorable photogenic moment, but it’s not worth their safety. Try shooting a picture of them waving a flag at a local parade instead.
  • One in 4 firework injuries to children occur as bystanders. Supervision alone is not enough to prevent firework-related injuries. Consider seeing a professional show instead of attempting to set off your own.
  • If you must set off your own fireworks, avoid purchasing those in brown paper bags, which indicates they are for use in professional displays. Don’t drink while setting off fireworks, and make sure all participants are a safe distance from the festivities.

The most common body parts affected by fireworks injuries are the head, eyes, arms, and hands. If you have a fireworks-related injury, the providers at Michigan Urgent Care can help – skip the wait and check in online at the location closest to you.

Prevent Food-Related Illnesses

Barbecues often accompany Fourth of July festivities, which means more Americans are consuming foods high in sodium, fat, or that has been sitting out in the sun. Food-borne illnesses often spike over the holiday weekend, and the most common culprit is salmonella bacteria. Cook all food thoroughly and keep food stored in a cooler or refrigerator.

People with pre-existing medical conditions such as congestive heart failure and high blood pressure should stay mindful of their diet. Consuming foods high in sodium or drinking alcohol in excess can increase risk of heart attack or arrhythmia’s, a condition doctors refer to as “holiday heart.” If you’re unsure of how eating picnic foods or drinking will affect you, ask your Michigan Urgent Care provider or PCP for clarification.

Never Drink and Drive

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common causes of injuries over the Fourth of July weekend are from car accidents. An examination of statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that it is the deadliest day of the year, leading to an average of 148 automotive deaths compared to the daily average of 114. If you know you are going to drink this holiday, designate a driver, make arrangements to spend the night, or call a ride-sharing service. Many of Michigan Urgent Care’s service areas offer low-fare transportation for the fourth of July holiday – Ann Arbor’s TheRide, for example, is offering $5.00 flat rate fares throughout the city and into Ypsilanti.

We at Michigan Urgent Care hope you have a happy and safe holiday! If an unexpected injury puts a damper on your celebration, we are open normal business hours and are ready to help. With the convenience of an onsite x-ray and laboratory, you can skip the wait and stress of the emergency room and experience the convenient care in your neighborhood. Reserve your appointment time at our walk-in clinic today.