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5 Ways to Keep Kids from Visiting an Urgent Care

Every parent wants to keep their kids happy, healthy, and safe. Going to the doctor or taking a trip to the urgent care is never fun. So here are a few tips to help you keep your kids from getting sick.

1. Get Some Sleep
Children need plenty of sleep. While the number of hours varies by age, children under the age of five typically require at least 11 hours of sleep. School age children need about ten hours of sleep a night. The right amount of sleep will also help them perform better in school, and during playtime.

2. Eat a Balanced Diet
Good nutrition and a balanced diet will help teach kids to eat right and grow up healthy. Little things like avoiding sugary drinks and offering water instead, are simple ways to get your kids on the right track. Make food fun, too. Cut sandwiches into shapes with cookie cutters, keep vegetables and fruit on hand for quick snacks, and prepare healthy dips that are low in fat, but high in taste.

3. Go Out and Play
Time spent watching television or playing video games should be limited. Not only can it affect concentration, but it can also impact a kid’s social life. Get up and get outside. Ride bikes, play basketball, or visit a local park. Adults need exercise, too. Play with your kids! Playtime is good for Mom’s and Dad’s!

4. Good Hygiene
Teaching your kids healthy habits is also important. Child who wash their hands frequently and brush their teeth will be healthier. If you instill good hygiene habits when they’re young, children will carry these habits with them throughout their life.

5. Get Immunized
Take your children in for regular checks ups, and stay up to date on their immunizations. Flu shots are especially important as they’ll keep your children from getting sick and missing school.

As a parent, it’s your job to take care of your kids. Start healthy habits at a young age and your children will carry them on throughout their entire life.

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