Spring is Almost Here! Time for Sports Physicals

Spring is Almost Here! Time for Spring Sports Physicals
Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health clinics offer convenience to fulfill the MHSAA sports physical exam requirement.

In Michigan and in most states across the country, middle and high school student athletes are required to have a current physical exam and medical history form completed every year. Both help determine whether it’s safe for your child to participate in a sport. With spring sports just around the corner, the Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) requires middle and high school students participating in a 2015 spring sport to have a sports physical dated on or after April 15, 2014.  Now is the time to take your child to one of of the Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health clinics for an inexpensive and convenient physical. No appointment is needed, just walk-in during posted hours, and every clinic is open 365 days….including holidays.

Print and complete these forms before your spring sports physical

MHSAA Physical Examination Clearance Form http://www.mhsaa.com/Portals/0/Documents/AD%20Forms/physical%202011.pdf

MHSAA Medical History Form http://www.mhsaa.com/Portals/0/Documents/AD%20Forms/physical%20card%202%20page.pdf

If the student athlete is 17 years of age or younger, a parent or legal guardian must sign the forms and accompany the minor to the physical.

There are two main components of the MHSAA school sport physical –  the medical history assessment and physical exam. It is important to divulge your child’s medical history––serious illnesses among family members, past injuries and allergies––so that the urgent care professional can accurately assess your child’s health. Generally speaking, looking at patterns of illness amongst family members can be an indicator of possible conditions your child may have.

The physical part of the check up records the following: height and weight, blood pressure and vision. The urgent care physician will also check your child’s heart, lungs, ears, nose and throat. A series of evaluations are conducted to gauge your child’s strength, flexibility, posture and overall fitness. If your child has reached puberty, the doctor will focus on gender-specific questions.

Very occasionally a student athlete’s family or past medical history, or a finding on the physical exam may require additional testing or follow up with the student’s primary care physician.

A physical examination isn’t just a state requirement, it’s an investment in your child’s well-being that directly correlates with his/her sport, which is vital especially if that sport is full contact, high impact or strenuous.

If your child is in need of a sports physical for this spring, contact Michigan Urgent Care to find out more information about sports physicals.

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