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Same Day DOT Medical Exams Available - No Appointment Needed

Affordable Self-Pay Rates

Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers keep America moving. Nearly every item in our homes, businesses, even our clinics, are available to us because of the men and women who have dedicated their professional lives to the commercial trucking industry.

Behind every good driver is Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) requires all drivers to be medically certified. Our Certified Medical Examiners (CME) can provide same-day DOT cards* and recertifications*. We offer affordable self-pay rates for independent operators, and can also setup a DOT program for companies, including random drug screening pools.

For independent truck drivers needing a new certification or recertification, make an appointment through our Reserve Your Spot.

*DOT physical exam is not a guarantee of a DOT card. Additional testing or information may be required. Please plan your DOT Medical Exam at least 30-60 days ahead of your DOT card expiration date.

DOT Workplace Program

Keep Drivers Safe & On The Road

Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health is committed to keeping your drivers safe and on the road. We are here for companies who employ CVM drivers in all aspects of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admission (FMCSA) compliance including DOT certifications and recertifications and all drug testing, such as, pre-hire, post accident, randoms, reasonable suspicion, follow-up and return to work.

Contact us today to set-up your workplace DOT Program.

DOT Resources & Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are same-day DOT Medical Exams available at Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health Clinics?

Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health clinics can provide same-day medical exams. We do recommend seeking a DOT medical exam 30-60 days before your medical certifications expiration date since, for certain conditions, additional tests and medical documentation may be required.

2. What documents are needed for the DOT Medical/Physical Exam?

  1. A valid driver’s license.
  2. If you rely on devices to correct your vision or hearing, please bring those with you. These include hearing aids, contacts, and eyeglasses.
    FMCSA Medical Examination Report Form. Drivers can complete section 1 to save time at the office.
  3. If you need exception forms for the most updated Diabetes, Vision, Hearing, and Seizure; check here. We recommend having your PCP complete these forms prior to your exam
  4. If you use a CPAP machine please bring a 30 day historical reading from the device to document usage and compliance.

3. Is a drug test required as a part of the DOT Medical Exam?


  • Drug and breath alcohol tests are not required as a part of the DOT Medical Exam.
  • A urine sample will be collected for a required urine analysis. The urine will not be used for a drug screen, as drug and breath alcohol tests are not required.
  • If your prospective employer requires a pre-hire drug screen, one may be completed. Please note a urine sample will be required for a kidney screening.

4. My card expires next week. Can I come in for an exam?

Yes! You do not need an appointment. Please note that we recommend your physical be 30-60 days prior to your card expiration. Some drivers may require additional testing or medical documentation to pass the exam.

5. Can I get a discounted rate for a recertification?

No. A recertification physical is the same as the initial exam therefore the prices are the same.

6. Do I get a refund if I fail my DOT exam ?

No, because the service was rendered for evaluation and examination of your DOT certification.