Arm Yourself with a Flu Vaccine.

Corona virus (COVID-19) Update:

During these difficult times, our Staff at Michigan Urgent Care is dedicated to providing much needed urgent care services to pediatric and adult illnesses and injuries.  We are currently offering an evaluation for the Corona Virus and if necessary, performing the detection test.

We will continue to serve our Michigan residents and communities during these trying times, and we will be available everyday including holidays and weekends.

The flu shot is the best defense against the flu.

Arm yourself with the flu vaccine.

Arm yourself with peace of mind.

We offer the 4-strain (quadrivalent) flu vaccine. The 4-strain vaccine protects against two types of influenza A viruses and two types of influenza B viruses to give broader, more effective protection against this year's flu viruses.

Flu vaccine is available at all Michigan Urgent Care clinics for all adults and children age 4 and up. No appointment necessary.

Did the flu get you? We've got you covered.

The flu stops here.

Influenza symptoms usually come on fast and furious and include some or all of the following:

  • Sudden onset
  • Fever or chills
  • Body aches
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Dry cough

All of our clinics are equipped with and staff are trained to administer rapid flu diagnostic testing. If you think you have the flu, it's important to be seen within 48 hours of symptoms. Tamiflu, a prescription medication used to treat influenza, works best within 48 hours of the onset of symptoms and can reduce both the severity and duration of the flu.

The flu stops here.