Don’t take Insomnia lying down: 6 steps for better sleep

This week is National Sleep Awareness Week (March 2-8), an annual public education and awareness campaign to promote the importance of sleep, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and overall well-being. Getting enough quality sleep can protect your mental and physical health and contribute to a healthier […]

Spring is Almost Here! Time for Sports Physicals

Spring is Almost Here! Time for Spring Sports Physicals Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health clinics offer convenience to fulfill the MHSAA sports physical exam requirement. In Michigan and in most states across the country, middle and high school student athletes are required to have a current physical exam and medical history form completed every […]

February is American Heart Month

This February, doctors across the country are raising awareness for American Heart Month by educating the public on the importance of heart health. According to the CDC, as many as 720,000 Americans have a heart attack each year, nearly 30 percent of which are recurring. Moreover, Heart Disease is the number one killer of women […]

Get the Most from your Urgent Care Center

Injuries and illnesses are the events in life that are expected but never welcome, and usually seem to happen at the least convenient time. A sports injury after your doctor’s office closes? Strep throat on Christmas Eve? Cutting your hand as you prepare the big family dinner? Many think, “Yup. Sounds about right.” That’s when […]

It’s Not a Cold: Telltale Signs You Have the Flu

When temperatures plummet into the single digits and mounds of snow pile along the streets, that can only mean one thing: winter is here…and so is flu season. Every year, we’re warned of the dangers of the flu and advised to take preventative measures to avoid it (washing our hands regularly, avoiding contact with sick […]

Christmas Day Dangers

Dr. Mohammed Arsiwala, owner and medical director of Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health, warns families of the Christmas day dangers hidden in plain sight, and offers advice to keep the day safe. Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family, beautiful decorations, and gift-giving. But the merriment can also be source danger […]

Spread Facts, Not Flu

Getting the flu shot won’t give you the flu. As a practicing board certified internal medicine physician for nearly 20 years, I hear many reasons for not getting an annual flu shot. One of the common responses is that people have gotten the flu after getting the flu vaccine. It’s simply not true. Results from […]

Celebrating Thanksgiving Safely

Thanksgiving can be a wonderfully busy time when friends and family gather to celebrate the season. Yet the same busyness can be a recipe for an unexpected trip to the Urgent Care. Burns and cuts are the most common reasons Michigan Urgent Care sees patients on Thanksgiving Day. Planning ahead and following a few simple […]