Walk-In Immunizations & TB Testing

Corona virus (COVID-19) Update:

During these difficult times, our Staff at Michigan Urgent Care is dedicated to providing much needed urgent care services to pediatric and adult illnesses and injuries.  We are currently offering an evaluation for the Corona Virus and if necessary, performing the detection test.

No Prescription needed from your doctor for COVID test

Find more about the test : COVID Test Details

We will continue to serve our Michigan residents and communities during these trying times, and we will be available everyday including holidays and weekends.

Learn More: Corona Virus Disease 2019

Prevent Illness Through Vaccinations

Whether you need a vaccination for your own personal health or for a work or school related requirement, Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health is here for you for:

  • Flu shots (age 4 years and older)
  • Tetanus Diphtheria (Td) (age 7 and older)
  • Hepatitis B

If you would like more information on immunization or TB testing, or if your company is in need of vaccination that you do not see listed, contact us at OccHealth@MichiganUrgentCare.com and we can help you!

Michigan Urgent Care Vaccines:


Influenza is a contagious respiratory illness spread through tiny air droplets. While it is considered seasonal, it has been known to be diagnosed year round.

Our flu shot is a quadrivalent vaccine which protects you from 4 strains of the flu – 2 A viruses and 2 B viruses. Our vaccine is available for patients age 4 and older between the months of September and April. Click here for more information about influenza and prevention.

Tetanus Diphtheria

Tetanus is a serious bacterial infection that cannot be spread from person to person, but can be caused from a puncture wound from a contaminated foreign object. If your Tetanus is not up to date, the vaccine will be given after a burn, eye injury, laceration or puncture wound.

Our vaccine is available year round for patients age 7 and older. Boosters are recommended every 10 years. Visit the CDC for more information about tetanus diphtheria and prevention.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is a liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). It is transmitted through blood and other body fluids from an infected person. Hepatitis B is available year round and is given in a 3 dose series on Day 1, Day 30 and 6 months from day 1. Visit the CDC for more information about Hepatitis B and prevention.

Hepatitis A and Tdap

By prior appointments and agreements we can provide hepatitis A and tdap vaccines to employees and the general public. Visit the CDC for information on Hepatitis A and Tdap

For more information on securing Hepatitis A vaccine or Tdap vaccine for your company, please contact Occupational Health

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

TB is a bacterial infection, typically of the lungs, that is spread through the air when an infected person coughs or speaks. It is not spread through basic human contact. TB is not always symptomatic.

We offer 2 different forms of TB testing :

    TST (Tuberculin Skin Test)
  • A small amount of fluid is injected under the skin on the forearm
  • The patient must return within 48-72 hours after the injection for the result
    Blood testing
  • We offer QuantiFERON. Blood is drawn and sent to a lab.

For more information on TB testing and infection, please visit the CDC

For more information about our TB testing services, please contact Occupational Health

Occupational Health Immunizations

Business-Related Immunizations – Our Place or Yours

Michigan Urgent Care and Occupational Health offers a full service, comprehensive occupational health program, including pre-hire services and workers compensation injury care. We provide onsite wellness and screening services, including immunizations. If you’re an employer looking for an occupational health services provider or onsite wellness and immunization program, see our occupational health page.

TB Testing: For Individuals & Businesses

Convenient Walk-In Testing

Tuberculosis, or TB, is a highly infectious, yet treatable, lung infection caused by bacteria. Our clinics offer walk-in testing for pre-employment. Testing for TB occurs in two steps, requiring two different visits.

  1. A small amount of fluid is injected under the skin on the forearm.
  2. The TB test must be read within 48 to 72 hours after the injection.